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Dear customer:

Absolute customer satisfaction is a top priority of ours, which is why we guarantee a technically sound product of the highest quality according to our rigorous IHQ code of quality.
If you should find a defect within the legal warranty period we ask you to take note of the following in order to ensure that we can deal with your complaint in the best possible manner:
  1. Request a RMA number with the online form. Otherwise by e-mail (rma@intenso-international.de) or by fax: +49 4441/ 9991-789 using the RMA form (pdf).
  2. We will send you a receipt for your return (per e-mail or fax) with the RMA number.
    IMPORTANT: This receipt must be attached to the surface of the package!
  3. The product being returned must match the information found on the return receipt. Please make sure all information we have provided (product, quantity, price) is correct.
  4. Credit will be awarded to the amount of the most recently invoiced price. If the date of purchase was more than 6 months ago, credit will be awarded to the amount of the current list price. Products will neither be replaced nor be repaired.
  5. The costs for the return of defective goods are at the customer’s expenses and must be sent to Intenso “carriage paid”. Our RMA service center cannot accept any RMA return sent without a return receipt/ valid RMA number or sent “freight forward” at the expenses of Intenso. These shipments will be refused automatically.
  6. A copy of the receipt of purchase (customer’s receipt) must be included with all returns!
  7. The RMA number is valid for 14 days.
  8. The return receipt with the respective RMA number sent to you authorizes you to return the product. We do not warrant any claims by accepting the delivery of returned products. Claims may only be made after the complaint has been verified.
  9. Items not belonging to the original packaging scope (such as storage media, protection cover, sleeves etc.) are to be removed from the device before return. A reconsignment of third party property sent by mistake is not possible.
  10. Complaints will be processed within 4 weeks.
  11. The address for return deliveries is:

    Intenso International GmbH · Retourenabteilung
    Kopernikusstraße 12 · 49377 Vechta · Germany
ATTENTION: Return deliveries without an RMA number cannot be accepted!
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